RFID Solutions

  • Efficient and automated tracking, locating, archival and retrieval
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Web-based status, retrieval and analytic reporting
  • Role-based access (who can access what, when and where)
  • Check-in and Check-out management
  • Bulk pull facilitation
  • Unauthorized access alert
  • Departmental billing based on access

  • Automatic Detection & Identification
  • Automatic IN & OUT tracking
  • Automatic Notifications, emails & SMS alert to Parent/Guardian
  • Mobile App & Website for Parents & School
  • Improved Parent/Guardian – School Relationship
  • Daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports

  • Faster and automated way of tracking missing equipment/gear of employee/labor
  • Helps reducing mishaps due to lack of safety gear.
  • Saves several man hours invested in manual inspection.
  • Multiple installation setup options matching business processes.

  • Useful where RFID tagging is not possible.
  • Easy to track through QR code readers.
  • Inventory management software specifically for healthcare industry

    • Cutting Edge Tolling Technology
    • Strong and Robust Architecture
    • Multiple Intelligence for Fraud Prevention
    • Intelligent Reporting and Analytics
    • Software Intelligence to keep watch on Auditors and Toll Collectors

Implementation Phases:

PHASE 1 : RFID Readers Installation

PHASE 2 : Tagging Cattles

Key Benefits of adopting RFID technology.

  • Prevent un-authorized exit of Infants from the ward
  • Track presence and movements of infants within the ward
  • Track presence and availability of the mothers or staff with the Infants
  • Monitor tampering of the security system
  • Allow secure management of IN/Out movement of Infants & Mothers for different purposes