Cattle Identification & Management System

Cattle Identification & Management System

Cattle Identification System

Cattle Identification system is useful to protect livestock industries, assure the authorities/public about food safety, and ensure national food security.

The system also helps in identifying and tracking animals throughout their lifecycle for being enable for rapid response to animal disease outbreaks.


  1. RFID Reader Installation: Accounts for each physical location that handles livestock including transportation vehicles.
  2. Animal Tagging: Label individual cattle with a RFID tag carrying unique identification number.
  3. Animal tracing/tracking : Monitor each individual cattle in real-time.

PHASE 1 : RFID Reader Installation

RFID readers needs to be installed strategically at key control points throughout the premises for maximum coverage with optimal resources. RFID readers keep reading tags in automatic manner as any cattle comes within its range. readers keep continuous tap on each call;e (tag) in its range and collect data from tags about individual cattle.

Readers are connected with the central server pushing logs in real time for tracking. RFID tags can also be scanned through handheld device by the caretaker.

RFID Readers

long range RFID readers

  • These pole mounted long range RFID readers are of approximately of 1.5 X 1.5 feet in size with range of 8 meters.
  • Other variants are also available based on their size and range i.e. 1 x 1 feet with approx range of 3 meters for installation in transport vehicles.
  • These readers can be made portable by integrating with bluetooth or wifi communication to carry with on sites.
  • Data can be fetched on mobile app.

Handheld RFID Tag Reader

  • Handheld RFID readers like this are used to achieve portability with slightly more range.
  • Typically the range of such device is less than 50 cm but some devices can reach upto 1 meter.
  • Mobile app for data access.
  • Such readers are Bluetooth enabled with rechargeable battery.

PHASE 2 : RFID Tagging of Cattles

Focusing on livestock industry various types of RFID tags are available. Some of the ways these tags can be tagged are:

  • Ear Tagging: Attaching RFID transponder to the animal's ear in a tag form.
  • transponder inbuild cylindrical casing inserted permanently into animal's stomach.
  • Attaching tag in a wearable collar.
  • Small glass casing transponder placement under the skin through injecting it.

Selection of the tags needs to be in-line with the types of readers being installed for uninterrupted reading by stationary or mobile tag readers throughout the lifecycle.

Key Benefits

  • Less manual efforts: Automatic identification on each step i.e. inspection, transportation, etc.
  • Fraud prevention: Electronic identification prevents human errors/fraud in paperwork.
  • Better planning: Farmers gets access to accurate statistics in speedy way for planning.
  • Enable accurate tracing of diseased cattle.
  • RFID data helps in fastening various applications like inspection management, artificial insemination, vaccination, etc.

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