RFID Based Equipment Inspection System

RFID Tags And Readers

Types of RFID Tags

  • RFID Tags are available in multiple shape and size based of their applications.
  • Range of signal detection depends on the size of the tag.
  • Multiple tags per item enhances the chance of being detected.
  • For metallic Installation, High range RFID tags are recommended.
  • Installation of RFID tag must be at an obstacles free place on item.

long range RFID readers

  • These pole mounted long range RFID readers are of approximately of 1.5 X 1.5 feet in size with range of 8 meters.
  • Other variants are also available based on their size and range i.e. 1 x 1 feet with approx range of 3 meters and 6 X 6 inch with approx range of 1 meter.
  • These readers can be made portable by integrating with bluetooth or wifi communication to carry with on sites.
  • Data can be fetched on mobile app.

Handheld RFID Tag Reader

  • Handheld RFID readers like this are used to achieve portability with slightly more range.
  • Typically the range of such device is less than 50 cm but some devices can reach upto 1 meter.
  • Mobile app for data access.
  • Such readers are Bluetooth enabled with rechargeable battery.

Custom Made Tablet Based Reader

  • A custom built RFID reader with tablet integration.
  • Range of approx 1 meter can be achieved.
  • 10 inch display for easy data access.
  • Handheld device for ease of use.

Engagement Model #1

Customer’s ownership

In this engagement customer bear the cost of product development for product ownership.

  • Research & Development cost for prototypes
  • Most devices have inbuilt firmware (operating system) that will be developed by BioEnable for mobile App interface.
  • Consultation for Certifications & Branding work (if required)
  • Help connecting with Assemblers & Testers for regular assembly and supply of the product.
  • If required sample mobile app with source will be provided by BioEnable.
  • BioEnable will be providing open architecture that will allow your to upgrade and change parts

Engagement Model #2

BioEnable’s Ownership

  • BioEnable will charge an initial development cost and then supply you fully furnished devices as per your demand

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