Integrated Automatic Toll Collection System

Types of Toll Collection Configurations

1 - RFID based Automated + Manual Toll plaza system

  • Vehicles with RFID windshield stickers can pass with automatic toll collection
  • Others pay at the toll plaza booth

2 - RFID based automatic toll collection with boom barrier

  • Automated toll collection with boom barrier
  • No Toll booth option
  • Vehicles need to slow down for automated detection

3 - Fully automated RFID based system with no boom barriers

  • Fully automated with no boom barriers
  • Vehicles can move with high speed
  • License plate detection for toll violators

Toll System | Components

Our Automatic Electronic Toll Collection System comprises of Lane System and Plaza System, integrated in an architecture that facilitates easy and accurate toll collection.

Booth Equipment

1. Toll Lane Controller

2. Operator Terminal Screen

3. Receipt Printer

4. Barcode Reader

5. Barrier Manual Controller

6. Siren/Alarm

7. Document Viewer

Indicator Lane Equipment


10. User Fare Display

11. Incident Capture Camera

12. Barrier Gate

13. Traffic Light

14. AVCC + RFID Reader

15. Vehicle Entry Loop

16. Vehicle Exit Loop

17. CCTV Surveillance

18. Outdoor Smart Card Reader

19. WIM Platform

Long Range RFID

UHF.One Integrated - UHF Reader with Integrated antenna

  • Long Range up to 12 meters
  • Integrated All-in-One design
  • High Identification Rate up to 200 Tags
  • Suitable for electronic toll collection

Electronic Toll Lane Controller (TLC)

Toll lane controller (TLC) is mounted inside toll collection booth to integrate all toll equipments. It facilitates toll collection and communicates transaction data with plaza server. TLC is loaded with lane application for performing all operations as per requirements. TLC houses various electronics that communicates serially with onboard computer that in turn controls entire operations of the lane.

System Features

Cutting Edge Tolling Technology

Years of hard work, dedication, focus on R&D efforts and understanding unique tolling needs enable us to evolve a tolling system that is smarter, advanced and most importantly effectively prevents revenue leakages.

Multiple Intelligence for Fraud Prevention

Multiple Intelligence based on Electronic + Vision + Software Intelligence that effectively captures many modes of fraud and helps minimize revenue leakage.

Strong and Robust Architecture

A very robust architecture of the system that ensure over 99% availability of the system with software engineering on Smart Client architecture.

Automatic RFID toll collection

Advanced Long range RFID readers can collect automatic toll from approaching vehicles

Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

Our built in business intelligence tool embed artificial intelligence models to deliver performance scorecards & trends that truly gives you visibility of your toll collection.

- Graphical reports that makes report easy to read and understand

- Analytics that identifies and analyses trends in Traffic, Revenue Collection, Booth Utilization

- Workforce Analytics that tracks and reports overall productivity of toll operators, their role in prevention/involvement of fraud

Vision Based Intelligence

- Sensors scan return ticket holder vehicles and ensure it’s the same vehicle. Same goes for pass holder vehicles. This way tickets and pass cannot be exchanged between vehicles as well as operator cannot do fraud.

- Multiple image processing and algorithm techniques aids in vehicle classification, identification

Electronic sensing to capture vehicles

- In any event of system down or lane not operational, any vehicle that is passed from that lane is captured with date, time, classification, and photo. A built in memory and power backup system ensures data capture of over 30,000 vehicles. And as soon as server connectivity is established this database is pulled and presented for fraud analysis.

Software Intelligence to keep watch on Auditors and Toll Collectors

- While systems out in the market present class mismatch for auditing none have a check on auditor performance and toll operator fraud involvement. Toll system has a built in psycho-metric based analytic system that intelligently keep watch on audit pattern of auditor for an operator, vehicle type and vehicle numbers, identification its linkage with operators. This evolves a strong view based on factual analysis of operator fraud linkages as well as auditor performance.

100% Vehicle Data Capture

Captures vehicle data even if lane is closed - Captures and counts convoys like military vehicles, vip passages and associate each vehicle with photo/video and profile detail for audit purpose.

Software Architecture

Software Application

Software provides comprehensive capabilities to manage toll collection operations under demanding and unique requirement of Indian toll plazas.

Created in a distributed architecture platform, Toll software is designed to run 24x7 for years, thus providing a robust uptime performance.

The different layers on which the application is built embed controls and features to match vast requirements at Indian toll plazas. To this extent our Toll Software is layered as

Central Administration Module

Facilitate entire operation of collection across toll plazas as a one centralized unit, generate consolidated reports and control configurations such as rates, operators, journey types etc.

Plaza Module

To configure, manage all plazas based toll collection operations, report toll collection in an audited manner.

Lanes Module

Running under plaza module, lanes module facilitates accurate toll collection for the vehicle passing from the toll plaza.

Auto Vehicle Classifier & Counter

The Auto Vehicle Classifier and Counter system offered a complex assembly of high range sensors and electronics for non Intrusive Infrared Based Auto Vehicle Classifier & Counter Technology.

The system can be configured to provide for detection of any or all of the following characteristics.

- Length of the vehicle(s) and hitch location

- Number of axles

- Dual Tire detection

- Relative position of the axles (Can accurately detect raised axles also)

- Maximum height, average height and height variations of the vehicle.

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