Medical Instrument Tracking System

System Components

LASER QR code marking system enables marking QR codes on small instruments, Ease of use of the system makes it ideal solution to manage hospital assets.

  • Laser QR code Marking System for Surgical instruments
  • High speed QR code Reader
  • RFID Reader & Writer
  • RFID Labels & Tags
  • Desktop Inventory Management Terminal
  • Handheld Inventory Management Terminal

Why QR Code

  • RFID tagging is extremely difficult in many surgical instruments due to their size and complex design.
  • QR or 2D barcoding is the most appropriate solution to keep track of such instruments.
  • These codes are encoded on the instrument using Laser or embossing technology.
  • It is safe and durable to use Laser rather than ink or paper.

Laser QR code Printer


•Dual Laser Configuration •Universal Laser Sources •Laser Interface

•High Power Density Focusing Optics

•1-Touch Laser Photo

•High precision & accuracy

High Speed QR Code Reader

Variety of High Speed QR code readers are available based on their application.

Stationed Scanner

QR code reader could be stationed at a fixed location whereas the instruments needs to be in front of the reader.

Handheld Scanner

Handheld devices are useful where instruments are stationed at a place or it's not feasible to move them to a fixed station

Inventory Management Terminal

  • This terminals are equipped with a high-speed QR code reader to scan the instruments transactions at the gates.
  • Offers high accuracy, long life span

Services & Software

1. Inventory Management Terminal Software

2. Cloud based Inventory Management Software

3. Handheld terminal software

4. Cloud Server Subscription & Management

5. Technical Consultancy and Detailed project specs

6. Software Development & Customization services

7. Installation, Training & Onsite services

8. Annual Maintenance Services Price for these items cannot be judged at this stage but is expected to be minimum 60% of the total hardware cost involved in the project.

Inventory Management Terminal Software

This is the software that run inside the Inventory Management Terminal . It has various feature to manage devices like RFID Reader/Writer, QR code Reader, Printer etc. It manage the detailed process at warehouse & Dealer locations.

Cloud based Inventory Management & Reporting Software

This is the software that run on the Server. It receives data for each and every transaction and keeps detailed centralized and updated records of the inventory. It can also provide the reports , charts and alerts.

Handheld terminal software

This is the software that run inside the handheld terminal and provide most of the features of the Inventory Management Terminal Software inside a compact embedded handheld product.

Inventory Management Terminal Software (Sample Screenshot)

Cloud based Inventory Management Software (Sample Screenshot)

Per unit Price Range for Budget preparation (Approx)

  • Laser QR code Marking System for Surgical instruments (USD 30,000 – 50,000)
  • High speed QR code Reader (USD 150-300 )
  • Desktop Inventory Management Terminal (Full kit for USD 900 - 1500)
  • Handheld Inventory Management Terminal(USD 700 - 900)

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