RFID File Tracking System

Industries and Application Features

Any industry dealing with huge set of data stored on physical files needs a solution which enables them to arrange, manage, locate and retrieve these files in a faster way.

Application Features:

RFID based file tracking system is equipped with multiple features like:

  • Efficient and automated tracking, locating, archival and retrieval
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Web-based status, retrieval and analytic reporting
  • Role-based access (who can access what, when and where)
  • Check-in and Check-out management
  • Bulk pull facilitation
  • Unauthorized access alert
  • Departmental billing based on access
  • Box, container and reusable tote management

UHF RFID Features & Advantages

  • Printable
  • Convenient to use
  • Multi-tag reading
  • Widely used, eg. storage, logistic, asset management, aviation, supermarket


  • Tag Size: 3.9*1.4*0.02cm
  • Frequency: 860~960MHz
  • Standard: PEC CLASS 1 GEN 2, ISO 18000-6C
  • Material: PET+AL
  • Operating Mode: Read & Write
  • Programming cycles: 10,000 times for repeated delete/write.
  • Data retention: >10 years
  • Memory Size: 96bit/512bit
  • Read Range: 1-3m (Depend on reader and environment)
  • Write Range: 1m

A typical RFID File Room includes:

  • Handheld RFID Reader to Find missing files.
  • The Portable RFID Reader includes a drop-down list of Office Locations (Places & People) and is used to periodically inventory 'files in circulation' to keep track of the dynamic movement of records around the office from person to person and place to place.
  • The inventory data is updated to Software so staff will always have 'refreshed' views of Current file locations.

A typical RFID for Office/Department includes:

  • RFID Wallmount Reader includes In and Out sensors and uses RFID to update Central Software with what files are In or Out. If the files are going 'Out', Software looks up the Requestor in the database and automatically transfers the files to the Requestor, or otherwise to the global 'Out' location.
  • RFID Staff Badges can include RFID labels and can be placed with files going 'Out' and the files will automatically be transferred 'Out' to the person or placing matching the Card or Badge.
  • Portable RFID Reader to 'Find' and 'Inventory' files.
  • RFID labels with or without encoding of host database values.

RFID File Room Devices

  • RFID Computer workstation for Check In / Out of files as they go out or come in to the file room.

  • Includes a sheet(s) of paper with each office location (Places & People) represented by RFID Tags. The staff just scan the tag code on a file and then on the 'Destination or Location' bar code sheet(s) to transfer files out of the file room to their destination.

  • RFID labels/tags in bulk for regular use
  • Automated collection/ management of physical record data
  • Improved productivity
  • Fewer inventory errors
  • Automated and cost-effective regulatory compliance
  • Fast record retrieval
  • Integration with related business systems, such as inspection and maintenance applications, improves return on investment for existing technology investments

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