BioBaby Infant Security System

System Overview

Securing infants immediately after the birth from theft or Abduction has become a major challenge across the globe.

BioEnable’s BioBaby Infant Security system offers proven protection against infant abduction / theft and Swapping by centralizing the infant database and through the combination of highly reliable and easy to use advanced wireless technology and bio-metrics.

How System Works:

Mother is tagged with a RFID tag (hand bracelet) with mother's information in it, at the time of Admission at hospital.

Just after birth, infant's footprints being registered using footprint scanner at the hospital.

Infant is then tagged with an tamper proof ankle RFID tag with information of footprint along with the mother's information.

Asset Trail automatically associates baby ankle tag to mother wrist tag.

Once mother and infant registered into the system, the system then does de-duplication of biometric information to ensure that data is unique.

BioBaby System Features:

BioBaby system not only eliminates the traditional system's flaws but also provides many advanced features which make hospital easy to manage the infant’s security. BioBaby system features are listed below,

  • Prevent unauthorized exit of Infants from the ward: System continuously monitors the registered infant within the ward whereas the hospital staff is not allowed to take the infant out without authorization. In an event of unauthorized transition beyond ward limit, the system triggers an alarm which will notify the security staff to take immediate action.
  • Monitor tampering of the security system: In an event of infant's tag tampering i.e. remove/cut without prior authorization of hospital the system triggers an alarm with notification of tampered infant tag's details on the system.
  • Allow secure management of IN/Out movement of Infants & Mothers for different purposes: The gate entry system provides hospital staff to keep the record of infant's IN/OUT details; it keeps the information of baby with accompanied mother/staff with information of reason for taking infant out of ward so that doctors would know the patient’s locations and reason for the absence in the ward.

Process Flow

For any Entry or Exit from the ward, following process has to be followed:

At each entrance gate, recorders are installed on both side of the gate, which are to be operated by Security Guard, Whenever a movement of infant happens, the security guard has to record the movement on the Gate readers, Security guard has to ask Staff carrying the infant to show the Tags on the Gate Recorders, This will allow the movement. If any movement happens without such entries, the system will auto detect such event and raise the alarm (Siren).

Tamper proof Infant Ankle Tags

Tamper proof infant ankle tags are highly integrated mobile electronic device capable of multiple function of monitoring and security of Infants.

The tags have special security mechanism specially made for newborn infants to ensure that tags cannot be easily removed by anyone OR alerts are generated on removal

Tags can communicate with the Real Time Location System (RTLS) Readers installed throughout the facility to provide monitoring and tracking of the Infants. They have range of communication from 10 to 20 feet depending on the system design.


  • Specially made for use for Infants
  • Compact and light weight
  • Multiple security mechanism to prevent removal of tags
  • Long range of communication with RTLS system


  • Allow monitoring and tracking of infants
  • Provide security mechanism to prevent un-authorized enter and exit of Infants

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