Intelligent School Management System


Intelligent School Attendance Management System is a wireless sensor based robust, comprehensive and secure attendance and monitoring system for students and staff.

The Door Pass System is a wireless RF Card based automatic school attendance system offering a complete Student Attendance monitoring solution. Students carry an RF based ID card with them during the school time. Through Long Range RFID reader the ID cards gets automatically detected when students passed thru the Door Pass System while entering or leaving the school premises.

The parents gets an instant SMS alert on their kid’s school entry/exit in real-time.

Attendance gets registered automatically to the school database providing real time data access to school administration through web interface.

System automatically generates daily, weekly and monthly attendance reports allowing schools to accurately monitor each individual student's attendance.


  • Automatic Detection & Identification
  • No need to show card to the machine
  • Automatic IN & OUT tracking
  • Automatic Notifications, emails & SMS alert to Parent/Guardian
  • Easy enrollment and student management
  • Mobile App & Website for Parents & School


  • More Efficient Student Attendance –Automates student attendance in school bus as
  • well as in school premises to reduce irregularities in the attendance process arising due to human error.
  • Saving Time – Important administrative and educational resources could be better utilized for their core jobs.
  • Environment Friendly – Reduces paper and other resource requirements.
  • Better Parent/Guardian information system – Parents/Guardians are well informed about their kids whereabouts with automatic SMS and Email facility.
  • Improved Parent/Guardian – School Relationship –It brings the two principal stakeholders in a student’s education closer, considerably improving the Parent/Guardian - School rapport, leading to an atmosphere of comfort and trust.

Intelligent Hands Free Door Pass System

Technical Specification:

  • Automatic hands free detection & counting
  • Intelligent Wireless RF card detection technology with upto 5 meters range
  • Adjustable Door width from 3-5 feet
  • Infrared sensors based counting system
  • Temperature range: -10 to 60 Deg C
  • Max size: 3 x 6 feet panel with 9 inch width
  • 2 panels per door system
  • 3 LEDs & Buzzer
  • Counter with LED/LCD display
  • FCC & CE certified equipments
  • ISO9001, ISO140001 certified manufacturer
  • Software/Firmware by ISO 27001 certified company
  • Certification by Indian Government recognized test lab to manufacturer/product

Control Panel

  • Embedded microcontroller based system 32bit 400MHz or higher
  • Memory for 10000 student IDs & 500000 transaction logs
  • Inbuilt Battery backup of 4Hrs for the full system
  • Power supply: SMPS AC 230V with surge protection


  • Central web application for data collection/management
  • Mobile App for Parents
  • Mobile App for Staff/Teachers

ID Card Technical Specifications

  • Material: high-quality PVC
  • Size: 3.375 x 2.125 inch (85.5x54mm)

System Features

  • Registration of students and parents with their details like student information, Student‘s Wireless Tag details, Parent information with their mobile number etc.
  • Post registration student can be tracked across the premises along with his presence in the classrooms. This can be achieved by installing RFID readers at various location within the premises.
  • The Tracking data is collected at a central location (database) in the school and optionally uploaded to central server, where data is processed and analyzed.
  • Based on Rules and analysis various configurations can be set to inform (through SMS / Email / Web portal) parents about the kid’s whereabouts.
  • Special Wireless Readers with GPRS enabled SIM cards can also be installed in buses, to track student's presence in buses to track and inform parents (through SMS) about their child’s arrival and departure.

System Architecture

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